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About Harlequin.com

Harlequin.com is a veritable online publishing center designed to publish women books. If you're a talented female writer, you can use the platform to get your works published. You've got to get more information about the company.

More Info

For quite some years now, Harlequin.com is taking the lead when it comes to online publishing for women's book. It's based in Toronto, Canada. So far, it has published thousands of books in several languages.  Over 1000 talented female authors have had their works published by the company. Many of such ladies came from the US, Canada, Europe, and other continents of the world.

Services Offered

The Pros

There' a lot you stand to gain when you visit Harlequin.com. In the first place, you can have access to diverse titles. New titles are often updated on the site on regular basis. You can search books by authors at any time. You can also search by titles. You're sure to get unique results.

You can purchase published books with ease at the site. You simply need to create a buying account before you can make purchases. You can subscribe to monthly newsletter offered by the company. You can always get informed about the latest happenings when you stay connected.

Buying books at the site is quite simple. You simply need to conduct a search. After that, you can go ahead to place your order. Usually, orders are processed the same day. You can pay up through any of the payment gateways accepted at the site. Your ordered books will also be dispatched to your locations the same day. You can be sure of receiving them within few hours or days depending on your location.

Finally, you can reach a wide range of audience if you're a talented female writer. Harlequin.com gives you the unique opportunity of getting your work published. You've got to liaise with the company in order to make it big in the writing industry.

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