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Active Coupons

Coupon: FIRST-15FM

Offer Details: Get $25 discount on purchase of $249 or more.
Expiration Date: 28th February, 2015

Coupon: AF15-PQJF

Offer Details: Get free shipping on order of $129 or more at Lens.com.
Expiration Date: 28th February, 2015

About Lens.com

If you're searching for quality lens and other related products, you've got to visit lens.com. The company is a major distributor of quality contact lenses.  It has been existence since 1995. Ever since then, it has continued to deliver the best of contact lenses at much reduced prices.

Products Sold

Lens.com is known for selling the best of contact lenses in diverse brands. You can check the list of brands available at the site. You can always make your choice from that.

You can purchase popular contact lenses each time you visit the site. Among the most popular ones include Acuvue Advance,   Acuvue Oasys, Biofinity, Focus Dailies, PureVision, SoftLens, Alcon, CooperVision, and a lot more.

Other top brands of contact lenses offered are usually gotten from well known manufacturers. Among them include Alcon, CIMA Vision, Bausch & Lomb, Johnson & Johnson, Wesley Jessen, and so on.

There are also quality lens accessories sold the online shop. They showcase in diverse sizes, shapes and designs.  You can always browse through them to make further inquiries.

To make use of lens.com, you need to create a buyer's account. You simply need to follow the onscreen instructions. Your account will be activated once you follow instructions.  You can always log into your account at any time. You can enjoy express account support and customer services. You've got everything to gain when you visit the online lens shop.

The Pros

Lens.com is offering quality contact lenses at affordable prices. You can enjoy special discounts and other freebies when you order lenses in bulk. You can also take advantage of regular promos often made available by the company.

Customer service is always at its best when you visit the company online. You can reach the officials on phone. You can send them email or enjoy live chat. You're sure of getting the required response.

You can purchase replacement contact lenses at the online shop. You don't need to crack your brain when looking for such. The officials at the outfit can direct you on the best replacement lenses to go for. You simply need to get in touch with them.

Lens.com maintains a vibrant online reputation across the net. It's well known for distributing original lenses. You don't need to worry about fake products when you visit the site.

Shopping is made simple at lens.com. You simply need to log into your account to start shopping. You can order contact lenses and have them delivered the same day. All you need is to use any of the payment gateways accepted.  There are no hidden costs whatsoever.

You can enjoy express free shipping based on terms and condition. You can also pay a little dime for shipping. Your products will arrive the same day if you submit your order at the right time.

In all, lens.com has a lot to offer to the general public. The contact lenses offered there are known to be very unique and durable. You can always browse through the site to learn more about the lenses.

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