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Coupon: LTCART5

Offer Details: Get 5% off your entire shopping cart, up to $25, at LetsTalk.com.
Expiration Date: Not Available

Coupon: LTSAVE25

Offer Details: Get 25% off accessories with Phone and plan by using the coupon code LTSAVE25.
Expiration Date: Not Available

About LetsTalk.com

Letstalk.com is a private firm which was established in the year 1999.  This company has its headquarters at San Francisco, California which sells wireless products and services.  More than 10 years has gone and now Letstalk is number one online store that has wide range of wireless products.

Cell Phones

Some of the cell phone brands available at this online store include Blackberry, Casio, Kyocera, Franklin, HP, HP Palm, HTC, LG, Motorola, Nokia, Novatel, Pantech, Samsung, Sanyo, Sharp, T-mobile, Verizon Wireless etc.  You will get cell phones with advanced features like Android, 4G, 5+ MP Camera, Speaker Phone, GPS, Bluetooth, Music Player, Touch Screen etc.

Nokia Cell Phones

One of the cute models of Nokia Cell Phones is Nokia X2.  This model comes with features like Speakerphone, Text Messaging, FM Radio and Access to fun downloads. You will get this Nokia model for $99.99 at LetsTalk online store.

Android Cell Phones

Some of the cell phone brands that come with Android feature are: Sony Ericssion, HTC, Samsung, Droid, Casio, Revolution, Motorola, Samsung, LG, T-Mobile etc. Some of the models and prices are given for your reference.  T-Mobile Sidekick 4G – Matte Black - $24.99, Thunderbolt by HTC - $69.99, HTC Sensation 4G - $129.99, DROID 3 Motorola - $59.99 and many more.

Cell Phones with 4G feature

4G features give great speed and are advanced one than your 3G phones.  Letstalk offers cell phones with 4G features for $9.99.  You will also get very expensive 4G cell phones for $334 at this online store.  Samsung comes with numerous 4G capable cell phone models.  One of the expensive and great working models is offered by T-mobile which costs $529.99.

5+ MP Camera Cell Phone

You will get cell phones with 5+ MP Camera in brands like Samsung, Droid, Xperia, Thunderbolt, Samsung, Casio, etc.  HTC HD7 (T-Mobile) comes with Windows OS, 5MP camera with Dual LED Flash.  This model is sold for $79.99 at LetsTalk.com.  HTC EVO Shift 4G Sprint model with Android and 5 MP Camera along with Dual LED Flash + Video Capture is offered for just $9.99.

Cell Phones – GPS models

If you want to purchase cell phone with GPS facility you can go with branded models like HTC, Thunderbolt, Xperia, Droid, etc.  At LetsTalk.com numerous models are available in the price ranges $24.99, $69.99, $129.99, $59.99, $79.99 etc.  One of the cheapest models is offered by HTC which comes for $9.99.  This cell phone has got features like Android, 4G Data, 5MP Cameral with Dual LED Flash.

Service Plans

LetsTalk is the right place to shop for individual plans, family plans, prepaid plans etc. You are also allowed to upgrade your cell phone, add additional lines and purchase free ringtones from their website.


Cell Phones accessories are also available in this online store.  Some of the accessories available here include Accessory Bundles, batteries, battery cover doors, Bluetooth headsets, Bluetooth music gateways & speakers, Bluetooth speaker phones, car & home chargers, carrying cases & clips, clearance accessories, corded headsets, data and charging cables, External Battery Chargers, Gel Skins & Protective Covers, Memory Cards & Card Readers, Phone Holders & Mounts, Tablet Accessories, etc.


Some of the battery models available at this store are: HTC Thunderbolt Seidio 1600mAH Extended Battery - $49.99, OEM Samsung Standard Li-Ion Battery for Samsung Captivate, Vibrant, and Epic 4G - $29.99, BlackBerry C-S2 Standard Li-Ion Battery for Curve - $39.99, HTC EVO 4G Shift Standard Battery - $49.99 etc.

Blue Tooth Headsets

Blue tooth headsets are available in different price ranges.  NoiseHush N525 Bluetooth Headset Black - $24.99, BlueAnt T1 Rugged Bluetooth Headset - $55.99 (market price $120.99), Bluetrek Carbon Bluetooth Headset - $59.99, Qi-wear Stereo Bluetooth Eyeware - $179.99, Motorola HK100 Bluetooth Headset - $24.99, BlackBerry HS-500 Bluetooth Headset OEM - $34.95 etc.

Wireless Cards

You will get wireless cards with 4G feature at this store.  Wireless cards of unique brands are available at this store.  Some of the top brands are: Samsung 4G LTE Mobile Hotspot SCH-LC11 (Verizon Wireless), Verizon 4G LTE Mobile Hotspot 4510L (Verizon Wireless), Verizon 4G LTE Capable, Overdrive Pro 3G/4G Mobile Hotspot by Sierra Wireless (Sprint) and many more.  All branded wireless cards are offered for unbelievable prices at this store.

Tablet Accessories

You will also get accessories for your Tablet. Some of the tablet accessories displayed at LetsTalk.com are: Arkon's Tablet Travel Stand - $15.99, Motorola Wireless Keyboard - $64 etc.

Memory Cards & Card Readers

You will get all the top branded memory cards and card readers at this store.  SanDisk 2gb microSD card with SD Adapter - $7.99, Kingston 4GB MicroSDHC Card w/miniSD & SD Adapters - $19.99, SanDisk 16gb microSD card with SD Adapter - $59.99, Kingston 8GB Micro SDHC Memory Card w/USB Reader - $44.99 etc. are some of them to highlight.

Cell Phone Recycling

Now you can convert your old cellphone to money through LetsTalk.com.  Send your old cell phones to their store and get money for your cell phone.  Your old cell phone will not only fetch you money but also it is going to save the environment.

Best deal

Now you can take home free car charger with certain cell phones.  Purchase Huawei M735 (MetroPCS) which comes with features of 2.8 inches touchscreen with built-in-stylus, 3.0 MP Camera, MP3 Music Player for just $59 and take home a free car charger exclusively from LetsTalk.com.

One another model LG Select (Metro PCS) which has the features of 1.3 Megapixel Camera, Bluetooth Connectivity, Voice as ringtones is also offered for the same price of $59.  This model also gets the free car charger.

Customer Care

LetsTalk staffs can be contacted through phone.  You can either place your order through their website or contact them through phone to place your order.  Some of the non-physical products like downloadble applications & content and gift certificates cannot be exchanged or returned.  Other physical equipments gets 30 days guarantee.

There are numerous advantages in purchasing cell phones and other accessories through LetsTalk.com.  Firstly, you will get free shipping, secondly the discount is very huge when compared with the traditional shopping and finally they do not add sales tax to your product.

Expired Coupons

Coupon: LTDEAL

Offer Details: Use this promo to get 25% off accessories with Phone and Plan
Expiration Date: 31st December, 2010

Coupon: TALK25

Offer Details: This coupon code offers 5% discount on your entire shopping cart, up to $25.
Expiration Date: 31st December, 2010