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About is an online gift shop that helps people shares their real stock ownerships with their friends and loved ones. You can give out a special stock gift to someone through the platform. All you need is to understand how the site operates.

More about strives to make the world better when it comes to sharing of special gifts. It's currently existing as a private company located in San Francisco. It focuses on helping people give out their best real stock ownership gifts to their friends and loved ones.

In the world today, stock ownership is the best way to link someone to a particular share company. You can only achieve this when you hook up with All you need is to get registered.

Actually, stock ownership through has diverse connotations. It may refer to sharing of stock annual reports with someone. It may also be invitation to the annual shareholder meetings, voting rights, bragging rights and so on. However, the entire process as a gift means only one thing. It simply means that you're caring. You desire to see another person happy.

It is interesting to know that believes that owning official shares in several companies is quite a great investment. Hence, you can easily share the investment and dividends with a friend or loved one by giving out a special gift of share certificate to the person. You can be sure of putting a smile of the face of the person when you make the right move.

In the recent time, the giving of stock gifts is fast becoming the best way of reaching friends and loved ones.  In the past, this used to be very stressful and demanding.  It used to be very expensive and time-consuming. You have to go through series of paper works and other processes before you can succeed. 

However, has made everything simple for everyone. It has also made the stuff affordable and full of fun. You can now give shares of real stock to anybody without stressing your brain. You simply need to register at the online platform to lean more.

Ever since OneShare was established as a firm in 1996, it has continued to render unique services to thousands of customers from around the world. You can join the bandwagon of customers when you get registered at the online platform. You can also visit the company on Facebook and Twitter to learn more about the services offered.

The Pros

You have a lot to gain when you liaise with In the first place, you can be making the most out of your share certificate when you connect with the site. Once your share certificate arrives, you're encouraged to activate the loyalty perks at  You can easily redeem special offers and enjoy other freebies when you take the right steps.

You can place special order for your real stock ownership gift when you connect with the site. All you need is to follow instructions. Once your order is received, you can customize the details and also pay up. Once the payment is verified, you can be sure of getting the right response from the officials working at the online firm.

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