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About Vons.com

Vons is a popular Grocery shop started in the year 1906 by Charles Von der Ahe at Los Angeles.  When it was established its purpose was to serve small local families living nearby.  This store started gaining momentum and in the year 1928 Vons opened 87 stores.  In the year 1948 Ted and Will, sons of Charles re-started Vons with a fresh look.  In the year 1970 Vons had more than 169 stores with 16000 employees.  And Vons also became the number one grocery retailer of Southern California.  There are 325 stores now which servers millions of Southern Californian People and the people of Nevada.

Vons Supermarket sells various bakery, dairy, deli, frozen foods, general grocery etc.  It is also home to meat, pharmacy products, sea foods, snacks, liquor and floral.

Free Recipes and Meals

Now you can prepare your delicious meal on your own as Vons also comes with some unique recipes.  There are numerous recipes available in this site which can be prepared within 30 minutes.  Some of the useful recipes displayed in this site include 10 minute bean soup, 20-Minute Tona Casserole, 30 Minute Lasagna, A and Z Dip, A Different Carrot Raisin Salad, Good Easy Garlic Kitchen, Plus Fair Corn Dogs, Very Intense Fruit Smoothe, Chocolate Chunk Oatmeal Cookies etc.

You will find recipes of world cuisines at Vons including African, Asian, Caribbean, Eastern European, Indian, Italian, Jewish, Middle Eastern, Northern European, Western European and so on.

Health and Nutrition

Healthy living is not just spending too much of money.  Vons offers simple tips to lead healthy and happy life.  You will also find lots of nutrition recipes in their website.  Vons have also displayed numerous articles on healthy living and guide on healthy living.  You are also allowed to contact their nutritional experts to get answer on any of the questions related to nutrition and health.

Online Shopping

Vons offers easy online shopping and you can place order for any of the grocery, meat, snackups etc. through their online store.  You will get your product at your door step if you are living in Southern California or Nevada.

Some of the residential locations where Vons.com offers delivery is: San Fernando Valley, South Orange County, Inland Empire, North Orange County, San Gabriel Valley, West LA, South Bay, San Diego, Las Vegas etc.

Vons charge reasonable amount for delivering your products at your door step.  Also the customers need to purchase for a minimum sum of $49 to get their products delivered at their door step.  The fee for delivering goods varies from one order to another depending on the time taken for delivery and on the amount.

Vons offers three shopping methods.  You can shop by choosing the shopping Aisle, Shopping History or Shopping Express.

Vons.com allows you to purchase good using Visa Card, MasterCard, American Express Card or Discover Credit Cards and Debit Cars.  In case you dont require any of the products that are purchased through their online store, you can return it through your driver to the nearby Vons Store.


Vons not only offers medicines in its pharmacy but also you will get right advice from their professional pharmacists.  You will be guided properly on the medicines you are taking and also how to use the medicines safely.  You can clarify the doubts on the medicines that may cause side effects.  Vons pharmacy has two sections namely, health and beauty section. 

They also offer vaccination and immunization services for flu, tetanus etc.  Purchasing medicines at Vons pharmacy will fetch you 60% savings.  Also Vons pharmacy accepts most of the insurance plans, medicare Part B, Workers Compensation etc.

Their qualified pharmacists can also prescribe you right medicine for day to day diseases like headache, indigestion etc.


In the beverage section you will find numerous products like healthy juices, fruit shakes, smoothies, vitamin water etc.  You will get fruit shakes like mixed berry fruit shakes, peach fruit shakes, pomegranate berry fruit shakes etc.

Some of the juices available at Vons shop include Apple Juice, Apple Juice Cocktail Light, Cranberry Grape Juice Cocktail Light, Cranberry Raspberry juice cocktail light, Grape Fruit Juice etc.

Kids will get more varieties in the smoothie section.  Kids Smooth Punch Smoothie, Kids Mixed Yogurt Smoothie, Kids Strawberry Smoothie, are some of the items available in this section.

Breakfast and Bakery

In this section you will get variety breads, cereals, eggs, granola and cereal bars, granola and muesli, hot cereal, waffles & pancakes etc.  Some of the bread varieties you can purchase from Vons shop include Ancient Grains Bread, Dark Multi Grain Bread, Harvest Wheat Soy Bread, Reduced sodium bread etc.

You will get apple cinnamon cereal, banana nut cereal, chocolate cranberry granola cereal, cinnamon streusel cereal etc.  You will also find nutritious egg with omega at this store which is right choice for your kids breakfast.

Frozen Foods

Some of the frozen food products available Vons are: Burgers, Icecream, Multi-serve entrees, single serve entrees, single serve pizza etc.

In the frozen food products section you will plenty of healthy foods like soy protein meatless burgers, veggie meatless burgers, etc.

The multi-serve entrees section carries food items like beef teriyaki stir fry, cashew chicken, chicken chowmein stir fry, chicken fajita stir fry etc.

Single serve pizzas available at Vons include barbeque chicken thin crust pizza, deluxe thin crust pizza, four cheese thin crust pizza, garlic chicken thin crust pizza etc.

Fruits and Vegetables

Fruit Cocktails with no sugar, peaches sliced no sugar, pear halves no sugar, kids apple/peanut butter is available at Vons.  There are lots favorite items for kids like kids diced peaches fruit cups, kids fruit punch apple flavored sauce etc.

The salads section of Vons brings you unique salads like American Blend, Baby Spinach, Caesar Romaine, European Blend, Harvest Medley, Gourmet Medley etc.

Microwaveable bowls like kids wheat macaroni and beef microwaveable bowls, kids wheat pasta rings with meat balls, kids wheat ravioli with cheese microwaveable bowls are some of the products available in then microwaveable bowl section.

Other brands of Vons are: O Organics, mom to mom, signature cafe, priority pet care, bright green etc.

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